Living Water to Kenya

Community Through Connection
Meeting Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Needs of People Worldwide

The Vision

The Vision of Living Water to Kenya is to allow youth to expand their understanding, compassion and knowledge of our world while meeting the needs of the people in Kenya. In this opportunity, students will be able to participate in a cause and purpose that is centered around meeting true physical needs of international peoples and thereby proving hope. By reaching out to different people groups world-wide, a true Connection, community and cultural exchange will occur.

Summer 2011, adult leaders are preparing to come along side these ambitious High School youth (9th - 12th Grade) in the opportunity to participate in this International outreach project to Kenya, Africa.

Clean Water, Education and Life
Bringing Sustainability and Self Sufficiency

The Cause

The project includes bringing clean water to a region outside Nanyuki, KE via a well and water filtration technology. Water is the essence of life. The project also includes construction of a combination use building: School, Medical Treatment, Orphanage and Church. Primary construction will be accomplished through local people. Enabling indigenous people to construct their own facilities promotes long term pride and ownership. Cultural experiences will be shared through Drama, Music and Sharing in schools and churches in the Nanyuki region.


  • Help international youth be healthy through clean water.
  • Help sustain life by job training and education.
  • Be part of the cause of helping people be self sufficient.
  • Your support through commuication to others will help promote this cause.
  • Your financial support will bring it to LIFE and provide HOPE.